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Parry School is located in Tamworth in North-Western NSW and is a School for Specific Purposes (SSP) catering for behavioural students.  The school was originally established in a residential house, with limited opportunity to expand the existing school site and facilities that did not meet the Special Education Schools Facilities Standards.

The objective of this project was to relocate the Parry School for Specific Purpose (SSP) from its current site in West Tamworth to a more suitable site in order to accommodate the increasing demands upon the facilities.  Public Works Advisory’s role was to provide leadership, project & contract management services to facilitate the design, documentation & construction of the new Parry School.

Procurement was managed through a selective tender process to ensure value for money was achieved. The project consists of the construction of new school facilities for special purposes to meet Department of Education standards including : administration facilities learning facilities consisting of 4 homes-bases and associated facilities, special programs rooms student and staff services, paving, landscaping, basketball court.

Project Value: $3.5M.